Is debt keeping you up at night?
Are you feeling overwhelmed by financial stress?

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use your service? is a program offered by the Financial Guidance Center, the only non-profit United Way agency that is licensed and bonded in Nevada. We’ve been operating since 1972 and are also a HUD approved housing counseling agency.

By utilizing our program, you can repay your debts in full, at a faster rate than handling your own finances. We are experienced in negotiating reduced interest rates, stopping late and over limit fees and re-aging delinquent accounts. You can include all types of debts into your personalized plan, including medical bills, collection accounts, credit cards and more.

What is the difference between your plan and bankruptcy?

A debt management plan establishes a repayment plan without the stigma of a bankruptcy. As the consumer, you would repay creditor balances in full, demonstrate a history of consistent monthly payments and improve your credit rating. A bankruptcy can remain on your credit report for up to 10 years and you may also lose assets. In addition, future employers may base a hiring decision on your credit history. Insurance companies often will not insure a consumer with derogatory credit or place you in a high-risk credit and future home mortgage or auto loans will carry significantly higher interest rates.

Do all creditors re-age accounts and bring them current?

We have had success with the majority of creditors in re-aging past due accounts to bring them current. Should a creditor return a proposal indicating that they will not re-age an account, we will explore other options to bring the account current.

Will creditors still call me after I enroll in a debt management plan?

Creditors may still call in the beginning, even though you’re paying your bills through our Debt Management Plan. Do not negotiate with them. Simply refer them to us to discuss your account.

Will I still get bills from my creditors?

Yes. Statements from most creditors will reflect your payments through the debt management plan. It is your responsibility to continue monitoring your accounts and, since you have the most current information, you must notify our agency when an account is close to being paid in full so an overpayment does not result.

What if I really don’t know how to budget my money?

You are not alone. Very few people have ever taken a class that taught them anything about personal money management. We believe that knowledge can prevent financial hazards. We offer classes free of charge on a regular basis and our debt management clients receive financial incentives for each class attended.

For additional questions related to debt management plans, please call us at 702-364-0344 or 775-337-6363.