How does the Debt Management Plan work?
Let us show you how easy it is!

How A Debt Management Plan (DMP) Works

  1. Call a certified credit counselor at Financial Guidance Center to review your financial situation and determine if a DMP is right for you.
  2. If a DMP is recommended, read the customized agreement that explains your plan and its requirements.
  3. Send back the required documents and start making payments to complete enrollment.
  4. Make your payment each month so Financial Guidance Center can distribute the appropriate amounts to your creditors.
  5. Contact Financial Guidance Center as needed to inform us of any changes you may have that are critical to your continued progress.

Sample Estimated Payout Forecast

We have calculated your Debt Management Plan based on the information provided to your counselor. Your monthly payment will be $680.00 for a period of 48 months. Completion of this DMP offers you the opportunity to save $19,634.82 in interest and become debt-free 16 years earlier than making the minimum payment on high interest rate credit cards.


Without DMP On a DMP Savings
Interest $25,201 $5,566 $19,635
# of Payments 239 48 191

Please note: Payout forecast is estimated based on information you provided to your counselor and may change with the Balance Verification. Number of payments is based on no missed payments over the life of the program.

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