Has job loss, illness, or an accident put your family in financial jeopardy?
Do you need help gaining control of your finances?

About Us

MangeDebtNow.org is a service of Financial Guidance Center, a Nevada-based HUD approved non-profit NFCC member and United Way member agency, that has been providing debt management services since 1972. FGC can help you gain control of your finances through financial counseling and education.

Many people face imposing financial stress because of accumulated debt and over-spending, frequently caused by job loss, illness, and accidents, which has placed their family in financial jeopardy. If you have been struggling with financial problems, get the help you need by taking advantage of the debt management services offered by FGC.

Contact us at 702-364-0344 or 775-337-6363 to schedule an appointment or fill out the form and a representative will contact you. With FGC on your side, you’ll find yourself right where you want to be: free of financial worry!

Our Core Values

Consumers – All that we do ultimately benefits the financial health of the consumer through financial literacy, confidential financial counseling and coaching, debt repayment and asset development.

Quality – As the Gold Standard in financial literacy and counseling, our practices represent the highest standards.

Collaboration – We are dedicated to pursuing collective efforts with a wide variety of partners.

Accountability – All of our services will achieve positive measurable consumer outcomes.

Community Leadership – We accept the responsibility to provide leadership in financial literacy, unique financial programs, housing options, counseling, coaching, and asset development to build financially healthy consumers resulting in financially healthy communities.